Ivan Molina

We have had alarm problems since 2003, ranging from, it not transmitting signals to the Control Center to having Cops show up at our front door because of a false alarm that we did not initiate.

As you know, the alarm that comes with the house belongs to the homeowner, which means we pay for the to repairs (at $95/hour) anytime they dispatch a technician to repair it.  I just found out that it was cheaper for us to upgrade the alarm we own (from the section 1 days) to the new "XT30" than to continue paying for repairing our old technology alarm, so we went ahead and upgraded ours!

Alarm System belongs to Intruder Alert, not the homeowner, so they are responsible for maintaining it.

Anyone that may be interested in checking on an Alarm Upgrade can contact Intruder Alert for details at Tel: 494-4900.