Citizens On
Patrol Checklist
(Updated 20 Sep 06 V2.1)
Non-Emergency Police: 210-207-7273 - Identify yourself as a Citizens on Patrol member and state your subdivision and exact address location.

____Wear your Shirt/Hat/ID. Bring your clipboard. Bring a flashlight (Evening Patrol)
____Check Clubhouse from parking lot and from Roseheart. Enter Exercise Center. Magnetic
        COP signs attached to metal mail box are for your use on your vehicle.
____Make several passes through the neighborhood, taking a different route on each pass.
____Smile and wave at construction workers. The idea is to be seen.
____Check front gate, Guard House to ensure doors are locked.
____Excessive water runoff - notify homeowner. (May be due to sprinkler valve stuck or
        broken/leaking main line.)
____Anything that makes you say “Hmmm” - Log any such event with: when, what the issue is,
        where (street address), who (description of persons/vehicles involved), why you are
____(Evening Patrol) Log License plate number, state and description of any vehicle(s) left
        behind in construction areas after duty hours.
____(Evening Patrol) Garage door open after dark - Notify homeowner as a courtesy.
____(Evening Patrol after dark) Annotate Street Lights and driveway lights that are non-
        operational. COPs have a service for driveway lamp replacement. Your report can be used
        to notify homeowners.
____(Evening Patrol) Look for loaded trailers with ball hitches pointed towards street.
        (This may be a sign that someone plans a theft in the night.)
____Return magnetic COP signs to metal mail box at Exercise Center at the end of your tour.

Thanks for all you do.