Clubhouse Questions
As of:
June 30, 2015
What are the Clubhouse hours?
A:  The Roseheart Clubhouse is open for general occupancy on MTWF, from 10 AM - 4 PM.  The Clubhouse may be open additional hours for special scheduled events.

Why canít I get into the Clubhouse 24/7?
A:  Like anywhere, the costs of running the Clubhouse and of protecting its contents limit its availability. The HOA Board decided that for liability and security reasons the main Clubhouse cannot be left open without a responsible party in charge.

Are the pool and tennis courts available all the time?
A: No - along with the Fitness Center, homeowners with an access fob can utilize these facilities from 5 AM - 10:30 PM seven days a week.  Please note that your access fob will be deactivated between 10:30 PM & 5:00 AM so you must vacate prior to the 10:30 PM closing.  Note:  NO glass bottles or containers are permitted around the pool area.

Is there a charge to attend social events at the Roseheart Clubhouse?
A:  Occasionally, a fee may be charged to Roseheart Residents to cover basic supply fees, food costs, entertainment costs or other items as determined by the Roseheart HOA Board and/or Clubhouse Manager.

If there is a private party at the Clubhouse, what access do other homeowners have?
A:  During private parties, the fitness center, pool, tennis court, picnic area, and surrounding grounds remain open and available to homeowners during posted hours