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Firewise Success Story - California 2017 Fires
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Firewise Project
The Roseheart HOA Board has approved and begun an initiative for our neighborhood to become certified as a Firewise Community. Roseheart now an official Firewise Community!

Firewise Community - Goal and Results
What is a Firewise Community and why should I care?
·Goal - Reduce the loss of lives, properties, and resources to wildland fire by building and maintaining communities in a way that is compatible with our natural surroundings.
·Roseheart - We are surrounded by natural, wild habitat that can provide fuel for a wildfire.  The Firewise program is about creating a fire aware community and taking practical steps to reduce the risk of fire danger to the community.
·What’s in it for you?
  - Protecting your family and your home investment by mitigating the risk of wildfires in our neighborhood.
  - If you are a USAA member, when Roseheart is granted Firewise Community certification, you will receive an automatic discount on your homeowner’s premium.

Firewise Community - Personal and Community Actions
What is required of me and my neighbors?
Become informed and aware:
  - Brochures are available in the Clubhouse Library
  - Check out the Firewise Website ( for information, tips, education, and questions
  - Become a participant:
  - Simple things you already do count toward risk reduction.  Tree trimming, collecting sticks and debris in the yard, gutter cleaning, etc.  The site has a list of suggestions
  - Join in for the annual community wide Firewise event / project day.  The hard work and heavy lifting will be done by SAFD and the Forest Service.  Our involvement will be more in a support role (dragging limbs a few feet, bringing refreshments, etc.)

Firewise Community - Program Cost
What is the Roseheart financial investment in the program?
  - Program guidelines require a minimum annual expenditure from the community of $2.00 per capita ($1,000 for Roseheart).
  - When watering restrictions are in effect, mowing often goes to every other week.  When this occurs, the Memo crew will be used for work in the greenbelt areas to complete portions of the Firewise abatement plan.
  - Memo already does common area work which is a part of their contract.  This work counts toward community certification.
  - There are grants available from the Forest Service that will pay for use of their equipment and personnel when we use them for an annual project.
  - Money you spend for work such as tree trimming or gutter cleaning can be counted toward this community expenditure requirement.  Simply make a copy of your invoice and give it to Joan.
  - Bottom line:  The community should have no trouble meeting the $1000 annual amount.

Fire Safety Tips:
1.  Remember - No smoking on the walking trails!  The greenbelts have a lot of fire fuel present.
2.  Picking up dead sticks and yard debris decreases the fire fuel near your home.
3.  Routine gutter cleaning and tree trimming help keep your home safe from wildfires.  Turn in a copy of your invoice to Gloria. This counts toward our community fire safety spending goal.
4.  Have a contingency plan in case of wildfire. Keep an emergency kit ready.

Check the Firewise Community website ( for tips, hints, and reminders.
Keep yourself informed and aware.

General Information:  Aerial View of Vulcan Property Adjacent to Roseheart as of November 2016
Roseheart May 2017 Firewise Seminar
Roseheart 2017 Firewise Project