Front Gate Opening Options

By Ivan Molina




There are two ways to accomplish this.


OPTION 1 (Calling the Intruder Alert Control Center)


a. If your guests and/or workers come frequently, you can add them (if you haven't already) to the List of authorized people w/ Password that you provided to the INTRUDER ALERT CONTROL CENTER. If you haven't done this, you can always provide this list to Intruder Alert through AMS with the Virtual Gate form that is available in the Eforms section of the Roseheart website.You can always update the list or change the password using the same form.


b. Once the guest/worker gets to the front gate box, they ring the Center and give your house and street address. The Controller at the Center will bring up that address on his screen and ask for residentís name and password (that you should have already provided to the guest/worker). Once that checks out, the Duty Controller will open the gate.


c.You can even use this option for yourself if you do not have your clicker with you.Just contact Intruder Alert (as noted above) and give them your name and password.



OPTION 2 (Opening the Front Gate with your CEL phone)


a. To use this option you MUST HAVE "Call Forward" available in your home phone.


b. Prior to leaving the house activate "CALL FORWARD" from your home phone to your CEL phone.


c. When your guest or worker gets to the gate, he/she calls your home phone from the Control box at the gate. Your home phone will automatically forward the call to your CEL phone. When you answer your CEL, identify the person, then just "press 9" as you would from your home phone and the gate will open.I have opened the gate many times for family and friend when we have been away from home, but in the San Antonio area.


d. You can also use your CEL phone to open the front gate if you're with friends and forgot to take your clicker.That is, if you have forwarded your telephone to your CEL phone before leaving home.


e. When you return home don't forget to deactivate CALL FORWARD on your home phone.


Both of these OPTIONS work. It has really has simplified our life!! Good luck!!