By Ivan Molina


When we purchased our house 6 years ago we forgot to ask for the builder to add the small Glass Windows on the garage door while it was being constructed.  After we moved in we weren't aware that the garage door glass windows could be added, until we were made aware by Hollywood Doors.  Maybe other Homeowners know this, but we didn't.   


We just went over to Hollywood Doors, selected the pattern of the 8 small windows and the type of glass (smoked or clear).  One morning Hollywood Doors personnel came over, took out the upper panel of the garage door and took it to their shop.  That afternoon they returned with all 6 glass windows added on the panel and installed it back on.  Having them installed after moving in turned out to be a painless experience, the price was reasonable and now our garage has natural light.


SUGGESTION: The trim that goes around the 6 glass windows will need to be painted the same color as the garage door.  I suggest that when you select the pattern for the 6 windows that you ask Hollywood Doors to allow you to take the trim home with you.  You can paint it before installation and when they come to your house to remove the panel they can also take the painted trim back to the shop with them.  It will save you from having to clean the paint from the glass windows that gets on there if you decide to paint the trim "after" the door panel is installed back on the garage door.