GATE/GARAGE DOOR OPENERS, Joe Drane. Gate/Garage door openers have a one year warranty. If you are experiencing difficulty with one of your openers, you may want to try replacing the battery. If battery replacement does not do the job, it may be time to purchase a new unit. As a convenience to Roseheart residents, the Clubhouse has replacement openers for $40 each (no profit), which come pre-programmed to operate out gates. Please feel free to stop by and purchase one.

GATE INFORMATION, Association Management. After about 30 seconds, the gate phone system will automatically disconnect. If the gate times out, you can certainly call Security back to finish your call. They cannot call you back, but you can call them back to complete the transaction. Please ask your family and guests to be prepared to give their gate password for their list. Remember to give your gate password out to everyone on your  list to ensure those visitors are granted entry.  Do not, however, give your gate password to the pizza guy, UPS, etc.  This password will grant any visitor 24/7 access to the community.