Homeowner Association/General Questions
As of:
January 3, 2018
How do I set up trash pickup/payment?
A: After closing, call at First Service Residential at 210-582-5997 or 5972 or email RHmanagement@roseheart.net. They sets up your trash pickup, adding your home to the route for Tuesday and Friday trash pickup as we have a private contractor.  Trash pickup is included in your Homeowners Association Dues.  Make sure that City Public Service is not charging you for trash pickup on their bill since you pay for trash pickup with your dues.  If they are charging you, contact CPS Customer Service at 210-353-2222 immediately and tell them you live in a gated community with a private trash pickup.  You can also call the City of San Antonio at 311.  Historically, Roseheart residents have received credit from those early bills where CPS charged for trash pickup.

Where do I get a recycle cart?
A: Again after closing, call First Service Residential at, 210-582-5997 or 5972 or email RHmanagement@roseheart.net. They will order a cart for you.

What should I put in the recycle cart?

A: Roseheart recycling is provided through the Homeowners Association by a private contractor, Republic Waste (formally Allied Waste), not the City of San Antonio.  Materials for recycling are picked up each Tuesday morning.  Republic Waste will accept the following for recycling:  clear plastics, cloudy plastics,tin & metal cans, labeled 1 or 2 cardboard, newspapers, and aluminum cans.  Republic Waste says is will now accept the following for recycling:  glass, scrap office paper, inserts in newspapers, newspaper comics in color and opaque plastic containers.  The attached link is a document that Republic Waste (as of January 1, 2018) had published in the January 3, 2018 Weekly Update. For further clarification, call Republic Waste at 210-304-2700.

Where do I dispose of hazardous waste?
A: Republic Waste rejects items considered hazardous, such as lead paint, lithium batteries, and motor oil, to name a few.  Roseheart homeowners may take these items to the City of San Antonio’s hazardous waste site at 7030 Culebra on Fridays from 7 AM-4 PM or Saturdays from 8 AM - 3 PM.  Take a picture ID card and your CPS bill. You help pay for this service with a $1.30 Environmental Services fee that appears as “City Services” on each homeowner’s monthly CPS Energy bill.  For more information call 210-207-6400.

I’m new to San Antonio. How do I find service people, like someone to do my hair?
A: That list is now published in the Referrals section at

Who pays for street lights electricity? It seems to be on my electric bill?
A: Since Roseheart is a private community, the street lights and electricity in the common areas are paid for by the Homeowners’ Association. However, some street lights are wired in to the nearest home, and those homeowners are entitled to an “allowance” which is paid by subtracting an average use fee from those homeowners’ association fees.

Can I program the gate code in my automobile’s garage door buttons?
A:  Most new vehicles have three (3) buttons that can program garage door opener codes.  You can program one of these buttons to reflect the gate.  Your automobile’s owner’s manual can provide you the instructions on how to use your Roseheart clicker to program one of the buttons for the gate code. If you have a prior code in your automobile system, you will need to delete it first before trying to put in the new code.

What is the gate code? I need to tell my friends and family how to get in.
A: Family and friends may gain access by calling you from the pedestal at the gate. You simply press 9 on your phone to open the gate.

Unlike other communities, Roseheart decided to not give out private gate codes. This is a security decision because “private” gate codes do not remain private. It was found that other communities have great difficulty with wide distribution of gate codes, to such an extent that their “gated community” security status is much diminished.

Gate codes for specific events are available from First Service Residential representative, William Rice.  You can request a "Temporary Code" by submitting a form that is located in the eForms section of the website.  For details, call William at 210-829-7202. Recommend you go through the Activities Director, at 210-497-1557, to set up an access code for a specific event being held at the Clubhouse. Such codes are non-permanent and will automatically expire after the event. There is an eForms for gate codes in the eForms section of the website.

How do I get my name in the “rolodex” at the gate?
A: When you close on your home, call First Service Residential at, at 210-582-5997 or 5972 or email RHmanagement@roseheart.net. Tell them your name, address and phone number you wish to use in the rolodex. Due to electronic space limitations, only one telephone number per household is allowed.  It must be a local number.

What do I do if somebody follows me through the gate after they are closed for the day?
A: If you are worried about someone following you through the gates, pull over and let them pass you. Note their license plate number and try to note what kind of car and occupants in it. DO NOT CONFRONT THE CAR’S OCCUPANTS. Report the information through email to Cellular On Patrol Director or to the Activities Director at the Clubhouse for the Roseheart database.  However, if you see the occupants of the vehicle committing a crime, call 911.

When are we going to get a gate guard?
A: Currently there is no projection to hire gate guards. Sitterle Corp, our developer, built a guard house for our use, but our association fees provide no funding for on-site guards. Some San Antonio gated communities do have guards, but the costs are very high. At a later date, the homeowners as a group will have to decide if we should have a gate guard and at what costs.

How many people are on the homeowners’ association board of directors?
A: There are five members on the Roseheart Board of Directors. 

Who manages our association business?
A: First Services Residential takes care of all our issues for us.  They can be reached at 210-582-5997 or 5972 or email RHmanagement@roseheart.net

How many miles of walking trails are in Roseheart?
A: There are more than three miles of walking trails.

What services are included in the Association dues?
A: Association dues cover homeowner yard maintenance (front and back), 24 hour home security system monitoring, garbage collection, club membership and operations, pool, tennis court, and 24-hour fitness center availability.  It also covers insurance for the property, trails maintenance, and all common area support to include parks maintenance, lights, water features, streets and more.  Click on the following link to get a more detailed description of what is covered in the HOA Assessments.  Notes of Roseheart HOA Assessments

How are the HOA Assessment allocated?
The Roseheart HOA Assessments are collected on a Quarterly basis.  Click on the following link to see how the funds are approximately allocated on a monthly basis in a chart format.  HOA Assessment Allocation