Home/House Questions
(Maintenance, Warranty, Improvements, General)
As of:
June 28, 2017
What are the taxes in Roseheart?
A: The tax rate for Roseheart homes is approximate 3% per appraised value. The best way to answer this is to use an example. The approximate taxes on a home valued at $325,000 are $9,750 without any exemptions.  However, if you have a Texas Homestead exemption, your taxes will be lower.  In addition, if you have an Over 65 or Disability exemption, your taxes are frozen for some of the seven taxing units.  Visit
http://www.bcad.org to verify your exact tax information.

What do utilities cost, on average?
A: This will vary according to your life style (i.e. summer and winter temperature settings, number in household, etc.) and the upgrades you chose when building, e.g. blown-in blanket (BIB) insulation, garage insulation, high-efficiency windows, Tech Shield on roof decking, high efficiency AC unit, etc.  One of our homeowners with a 2400 sq ft home reports gas-electric bills averaging $135 per month, and water bills averaging $70 per month, over a 3 year period.

Is an alarm permit required for my home?
A:  Yes according to the City of San Antonio ordnances.  A copy of the form is available from Intruder Alert when they activate your security system for your account (don't forget to ask them for it).  The annual fee is $45 ($35 if over 65).  On the form when it asks for gate code (for gated communities) for police, EMS, etc, the homeowner needs to write “On file with S.A.P.D.”

What warranty, if any, do I have after the all-inclusive period expires?
A: Each homeowner has a 10-year HOW (Homeowners Warranty) for major structural components like roof and slab. Please refer to your warranty manual for additional information.

Should I have a water softener here?

A: Highly recommended. We have extremely hard water. A water softener not only will help make your dishes shine, but it also will help minimize lime deposit buildups in your pipes. Without a water softener, lime buildup will become a real problem over time.

How long do the light bulbs last in the driveway lamps?
A: There are a number of variables just like the lights bulbs inside your home. Some homeowners have been successful in using the lower wattage, longer lasting Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFLs) in the driveway lamp. However, if blowing rain penetrates the lamp and hits the operating bulb, whatever bulb you use could have a much shorter life.  Home Depot now carries a CFL with a photocell that works great for Roseheart Post Lights.

Where is the “switch” for my driveway lamp?
A: The “switch” is actually a photocell, and it is normally located on the side of the house near your sprinkler controls or electrical boxes.  Some are located on other places on the side of the homes. The electricians tried to put them in places that get the most light so that the driveway lamp is not burning excessively.  In addition, there is a GFI (ground fault interrupt) plug outlet located near the base of the driveway lamp post that may trip the circuitry.

My driveway lamp seems to burn all the time. Why is that happening?
A: Several reasons are possible. If your photocell’s “eye” is dirty or if foliage is blocking light to it, it will not turn off as early in the morning as you would expect. Also it might turn on during cloudy weather and earlier in the evening than you expected. The answer is to find your photocell’s location and clean the eye port with a cloth, and also keep the foliage from blocking light.  Recommend you use a cleaning solution that does not have abrasives or leaves residue on the lens.

Another cause can be a failing photocell. Typically, photocells will fail in the “On” position. The answer to this problem is to buy a new photocell from Home Depot or Lowes and change it out. The cost is around $15 for the sensor. Remember that jobber grade photocells will not last as long as a replacement. The replacements typically have a 5-year warranty. 

You will find another alternative in the April 2008 Roseheart Newsletter on page 4.  Home Depot stocks a Screw-In Light Control that can accomplish the same thing that the light sensors at the sides of our homes when power is constant in the yard light pole.  The cost is less than $10.00.  You then install it below yard light bulb.  The photo sensor causes the light bulb to be on in darkness and turn off during daylight.  Also as of fall 2009, Home Depot now carries a CFL Post Light that has its own photocell.

What do I do if my outdoor plugs are not working?

A: All outdoor electrical plugs are on GFI (ground fault interrupt) circuits. Whenever there if a GFI circuit, there will be a “no-plug” plate that has a test button, a reset button, and a light. When the circuit is tripped, the light will come on. In the case of the outdoor plugs circuit, the electricians put this “no plug” reset in the garage. Look at all garage electrical face plates. One of them will be the one with the reset button that you’re looking for… and its light will be on to alert you that the circuit is tripped.

Can I change the color of the outside of my home when I repaint?

A: No. The Roseheart community has a special “look” that was carefully designed and outlined in the Covenants. Each lot was assigned a home color, and to maintain the integrity and unique beauty of our neighborhood, homeowners must adhere to the color assigned to their home when repainting. When we each contracted to have our homes built, our only exterior “color” choices were associated with the stone we wanted. Even that was limited by what colors our neighbors had chosen. For example, we could not choose the same color as our next door neighbors. The attached link has the
four color schemes that were used in Roseheart.

What paint brand was used in and on my home?
A: The brand is ICI Paints and it is now available at Home Depot. Take a look at the Color Selects you worked out with the decorator after you contracted. The ICI codes of the paints used in and on your home will be listed. Then just go to a place like Home Depot or ICI Paints on Broadway that handles ICI Paints as the code tells them exactly how to mix your paint.  The attached link has the
four color schemes that were used Roseheart.

How can I get hot water more quickly to my master bathroom without wasting water? 

A. Many Roseheart homeowners addressed this concern by installing a Hot Water Recycler in their master bathroom.  Currently San Antonio Water Systems (SAWS) has in the past offered a $150 rebate for installing an approved Hot Water on Demand System.  There was an article about this in the May 2008 Roseheart Newsletter.  For further information, you can go to the SAWS website regarding rebates.  The site is

How do I correct a low water flow from faucets and my sprinklers are not covering the area as they had in the past?
A. Check to make sure all your cutoff valves are completing open.  Also your Pressure-Reducing Valve may be going bad.  Click on the following link to get more details:  Roseheart Water Pressure Problems.
How do I know if I have HIGH water pressure?
A.  You can purchase a water pressure gauge from your Home Improvement store (i.e. Home Depot, Lowes, Ace, etc.) which is then attached to your hose bib.  High water pressure can be a potential problem as it could cause your water softener membrane to explode leading to further damage to your pipes and water appliances.  High water pressure spikes could mean your Pressure-Reducing Valve is going bad as the spring inside is starting to go bad. Click on the following link to get more details as to the impact of High Water Pressure and what you can do about it.  Roseheart Water Pressure Problems.