Post Light

Post Light CFLs with Sensor
By now many of you had to replace the light bulb inside the Post Light Fixture.  You can replace with a CFL bulb and even with the newer LED bulbs (NOTE: LED bulbs are more expensive but last longer) as the incandescent bulbs will be difficult to find in the future.  In addition, if your Post Light stays on during the day time, you can click on the following link as a possible alternative to replacing the light sensor next to your house. CFL Post Light with Sensor

Re-furbishing Your Post Light/Pole
As you are fully aware, your Post Light Fixture and Pole become weather beaten and/or have hard water stains over time.  Many of you are the Do-It-Yourself type who like to take on these type of projects.  You can click on the following link:
Rehabilitating Your Light Post as a starting point to doing it yourself.  The other option is to have a "Handyman" accomplish this project.

Replacing Your Post Light Fixture
As mentioned above, the Post Light Fixture is no longer manufactured (and no glass replacements).  As such, the Roseheart HOA Board had a committee research replacements.  The committee came up with 4 replacements.  The Post Light Committee report identified the names of local companies (with a point of contact) that carry the replacement fixtures.  Click on the following link to view the details of the 4 approved Fixtures:  Post Light Fixtures.  Only one of the three has glass on the top portion.  You may choose any one of the four as each fits on the top of the current pole and has been approved by both the Roseheart HOA Board and the ACC.  However, you will still need to submit a "Request for Improvement form" to the ACC indicating which light fixture you plan to install. To view the committee report, click on the following link:  Post Light Committee Report.

Below are articles and links that provide information regarding the Post Light and Pole in front of your Roseheart Home.  These Light Fixtures and Poles with your house number were installed by the original developer - Sitterle Corp.  Unfortunately after all these years, the Light Fixture (to include glass replacement) is no longer manufactured and the poles were custom manufactured.

(Disclaimer): The Roseheart Homeowners Association Board of Directors, the Clubhouse Manager and the Roseheart Web Site Committee do not guarantee the accuracy nor completeness of these articles.  If the reader has doubts about instructions in the articles, we highly recommend that the reader consult a professional in the field.
Replacing Your Post Pole
As mentioned above, the poles were custom manufactured for Sitterle Corp. by Jesse Ironworks.  The Post Light Committee was able to obtain the last two that were in stock and store them at the clubhouse.  In event you ever need to replace the pole (i.e. rusted out, damaged by a vehicle, etc.), you can borrow one of the poles as an example to take to an ironworks company (or any firm that does welding) to manufacture a replacement.  Once you have your replacement, you can have a Handyman install the pole in the ground.  May consider an Electrician to install the electrical outlets (with a GFI) and wiring for the Post Light Fixture.