Traffic/Land Questions
As of:  June 22, 2016
When are we going to get a traffic light at our intersection with Bulverde?
A: Roseheart does not meet any of the criteria for obtaining a traffic light at our intersection with Bulverde.

On 23 Mar 2007 there was a Town Hall meeting at the Roseheart Clubhouse.  Two City Traffic Engineers explained our situation and recommended possible solutions for our homeowners trying to egress from Roseheart during rush hours. Currently, the best method is to turn right out of Roseheart onto Bulverde and proceed north to our neighbor, Pearsons, and use their traffic signal to gain southbound Bulverde Road access.

As a footnote, the May 2007 City of San Antonio Bond Election passed which included funding for the expansion of Bulverde Road.  Still no traffic light but WILL include an acceleration lane for left egresses onto Bulverde Road.

What’s going to be built at the corner of 1604 and Bulverde?
A: Gold's Gym will be the anchor store along with strip mall shops.

What’s going to happen with the property out on Bulverde?
A: The property to the north and to the south of Roseheart on our side of Bulverde is zoned light commercial. The property on the north side of entrance will be a Climate Control Storage facility.  The Northeast Independent School District purchased the land on the south side of our entrance for a future elementary school.  We expect in the next NEISD bond election there will a request to actually acquire funds to build school.  The entrance for the school will be on Gold Canyon Road whenever that new road crosses Bulverde.

What kinds of properties surround Roseheart?
A: Mostly, the property around Roseheart is zoned light commercial. To our north however, there is a sanctuary due to caves in the area, so there is no building immediately to our north.  There is an arroyo gully to our East and FEMA prohibits building around it for a significant distance. Between the FEMA line and the quarry property is a narrow swath that is zoned light commercial. To our south is a right of way for future expansion of Gold Canyon Road. On either side of that right of way is zoned for more light commercial.

How long will the quarry be there?
A: For long after most of us are gone. Best guess is approximately 45 more years.

How often do they blast stone at the quarry?
A: Two to three times a week.

Will the blasting at the quarry hurt my foundation?
A: Both Frank Sitterle Sr and Frank Sitterle Jr have personally assured us this will not happen. They would never have been able to get permits if the quarry blasting was dangerous to building slabs.