Yard Maintenance Questions
As of:  June 30, 2015
What is covered on the yard maintenance program that is part of our Association dues?
A:  The attached link to a PDF document outlines what is and what is not covered in the Roseheart Yard Maintenance Program.

What’s eating my yard?
A: Our yards are planted with types of Zoysia grass. Our open, common areas are typically planted in Bermuda. Bermuda demands almost full sun.  Zoysia, a shade tolerant grass, is used in the homeowners’ yards.  There are two types of Zoysia planted in Roseheart.

Different pests will tear up our yards. Grubs (June bug larvae) will kill grass by eating Zoysia roots. Armadillos, searching for grubs and earthworms and other tasty underground morsels, will dig at night, looking for a meal. There have been reported sightings of raccoons and “smellings” of skunks as well. Deer will trample yards in their search for above ground meals.

Controlling the pests is the answer. Grubs are best controlled by once-per-year spraying of beneficial nematodes. This is a homeowners’ responsibility.  You can either do it yourself or have a lawn service accomplish this task.  Armadillos, skunks and raccoons can, with difficulty, be caught in traps at night. Then they need to be “relocated”. See:
http://www.msu.edu/~nixonjos/armadillo/problems.html for more information.

Is it OK to feed the deer?
A: It’s not illegal but is strongly discouraged. Why? Deer are cute, but they rapidly become accustomed to humans and become dependent on feeding from your home. They reproduce rapidly but will die an unnatural death from starvation and automobile strikes if they become habituated to humans. Once habituated, they will roam the neighborhood, eating anything they can find… including all plants and flowers. Ask the residents of Hollywood Park, here in San Antonio. Deer have become a major problem in that subdivision.

How do I set my sprinkler system?
A: Once a month, the MEMO’s Landscaping and Lawn Co work crews check your Sprinkler Control System box (unless you have a RED sticker on the box which means the homeowner takes responsibility.  You can obtain a red sticker from Joan at the clubhouse). They set it to irrigate your yard for what is appropriate, based on the condition of your yard. Each homeowner however, received a sprinkler control box key to use for service. Inside your sprinkler control box should be instructions.  Also make sure the 9-volt battery is installed to provide back-up to the system.  If electricity is lost, all the settings to include the clock may have to be reset.  For additional information, please refer to the landscape agreement that Sitterle (Memo's Contract) has with Roseheart.  Remember there is an ordnance that permits watering by a sprinkler system only between the hours of 7 AM - 11 AM and  7 PM and 11 PM.

Are there rain sensors on our sprinkler systems?
A: Yes as they are required by City of San Antonio ordnances.  The sensors are designed to cancel a watering period if there have been sufficient and recent rains.

What is a backflow preventer, and why do I have to have mine inspected?
A: According to the City of San Antonio ordnances, everybody who uses the public water supply for irrigation has to have some way to ensure that water from that system cannot flow backwards from the irrigated area back into the public water supply. If ever the city main supply pressure was to suddenly drop, due to a line break, overuse during drought periods, etc, then backflow from yards into the city system would be dangerous. Thus, the backflow preventer valve is required for Roseheart homes. It’s located next to the water meter, and it must pass inspection annually (once a year). The inspector has to be licensed to do the test, but does not have to be a plumber.

Where do I get a list of Backflow Preventer inspectors and how much does it cost?
A: The Roseheart referral link will have names of inspectors.  The inspection costs range from $45-100.  Any repairs will be extra.  Some even offer Roseheart group rates.